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 Nine- year elementary school “Vrhbosna” is located in the rural part of Sarajevo.

         The school is situated in the north-east of the Old Town municipality and exists about 40 years.


In this academic year our school has started with educational reforms according to the model and standards of the Western Europe.

The reforms are related to:

  • Duration of school

  • Changing the methods of teaching,

  • Interaction between pupils and teachers,

  • Parents involvement in the school projects.



According to type of classes there are three types:

  • Regular classes – attend  70% of pupils.

  • Remedial classes – attend  15% of pupils(for pupils who have difficulties in learning)

  • Extra classes –attend 15%(for the gifted pupils).


Also we would like to mention that our school has a  cooperative society, where  pupils work  on the blackberry plantation, fruit plantation and also arrangement of the school yard.


There are two types of problems: material and technical

The first problem is related to the space limit. During the war our school was completely damaged. After the war the school was partly reconstructed, but we still must reconstruct the ruined  part  in order to provide enough  place for  younger pupils who will be staying after the working  hours, to provide classrooms for the parents appointment and  workshops.

Also, we would like to set the library and multi media center with the installation of the internet network and to provide classroom for  technical education where at this moment is located in the dinning room. Above all, the school is in shortage of the teaching materials such as: tracing papers, color  papers.... Than shortage of technical aids, computers, copying machine and lack of equipments for Physics, Biology and Chemistry,  teaching aids for foreign language.Parents have expressed their wishes that besides English , German language should be introduced as the second language in the school.Problems with  technical nature, as we mention previously the school reforms require  teachers advancement and improvement of the teaching methods, where your experience for us could be very helpful.


We would like to say that our school has  established  partnership with the regional schools and  schools from  abroad. We are proud to say that we were the first school to establish  partnership with the regional school from other nationalities as the way of reconciliation and tolerance. Also, we have established partnership with the school from Nuenen- Netherland.Pupils and teachers have visited the school in Wittenberg, the north of Germany, an International Art association.


The main reason for establishing  the partnership with your school is to associate through visits, correspondence, to get know other culture, an exchange of ideas….etc.Other motives are to  broaden our knowledge,  to gain and exchange  experience, ideas with the  teachers from your school in the following aspects: Teaching methods Interaction between pupils and teacher Involvement of the parents

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